Work Release & Alternative Sentencing

The Washington County Community Corrections Center (WCCCC) has also been known as the “Restitution Center (RC),” “Work Release Center”, and/or the "Community Corrections Center (CCC)." 

Residents at the WCCCC are encouraged to obtain gainful employment while residing at the center. Once gainful employment has been made, the employment is verified with a documented schedule and pay stubs.  Counselors maintain regular contact with the employer to discuss attendance and job performance.

GPS Home Monitoring

  • Is a community supervision program that is monitored by GPS tracking, drug screening, and appointments with their counselor or PO.
  • Is to be utilized for the Community Corrections Center population management, intermediate sanctions, and supervision in community prior to release.
  • To be eligible for GPS, residents must be in “good standing” with CCC rules and regulations and agree to abide by all court conditions and Center custodial release agreements. 

EHD — Electronic Home Detention

EHD is a program offered by the Washington County Jail (WCJ) that offers home supervision by electronic means. Please contact the WCJ for further information on this alternative sentencing program.