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Rules & Guidelines

  • Check in and out with CCC front desk staff and show acceptable picture identification (ID).
  • Depending on residents classification visitors may be required to be on resident’s visitors list at the WCJ (Please call ahead to find out).
  • Abide by appropriate dress standard requirements.
  • Behave in a manner that is not a threat to the safety, security, and good order of the CCC.
  • Watch and control any child with you at all times. Do not leave the child alone, or with a stranger or anyone younger than 18. CCC staff will not care for your child.
  • Go directly to and from your assigned visiting area. Check with staff for restroom use.
  • End your visit within the allotted time (1 hour).
  • Do not be under any influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • Do not take or attempt to bring contraband into the CCC or a visiting area. If you do, you are subject to arrest and prosecution under ORS 162.185. (Contraband is anything CCC staff have not authorized or issued. It includes things like weapons, drugs, cell phones, sharp objects, and food/drink.)
  • Do not tamper with, damage, mark, or soil CCC property.
  • Any behavior that violates these above rules and guidelines can result in loss of visitation privileges.

Accepted ID for Social Visitors


State ID Card 


Military ID Card

CHILD (15 and Younger)

Must be with an Adult

Please view the Visitation & Drop Off's Hours/Days