Allowed Property

Residents may possess no more than the following amount of clothing:

Pants/Skirts Maximum of seven total

Tops of any kind (T-Shirts, blouses,
dress shirts, long sleeves)

Maximum of seven total
Dresses    Maximum of three
Underwear     Maximum of seven
Bras    Maximum of seven
Socks/Pantyhose/Stockings  Maximum of seven total
Shoes Maximum of three
Coats/Jackets  Maximum of two total
Belts/Ties/Scarves  Maximum of three total
Pajamas  Maximum of two total
Robe   Maximum of one
CD/Tapes  Maximum of seven total
Alarm clock Maximum of one
Books/magazines  Maximum of five total
Towel/wash cloths  Maximum one of each

Residents are also allowed to have:

  • Hygiene products (hygiene items must fit in center issued plastic bin); hygiene 
    products must be non-alcoholic products such as: mouthwash or cough syrup. No aerosol products will be accepted.
  • Laundry products must be in original containers.
  • CD/tape players.
  • Brand name Cigarettes and lighters are allowed, no cigars or loose tobacco will be accepted.
  • Residents are only allowed to have up to $40 cash in their possession 
    (greater amounts needs to be in money order or cashier check form).   

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