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FAQ - Corrections Center

Community Corrections Center

Are residents allowed to come and go as desired?

No. Residents must obtain approved passes from their counselors prior to leaving the WCCCC facility. Most residents will be eligible for passes after their initial "black-out period".

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Are residents allowed to smoke cigarettes while residing at the WCCCC?

Yes. Residents are allowed to smoke during designated outdoor courtyard breaks. Residents are only allowed commercial cigarettes, no loose tobacco, pipes, or cigars permitted. Due to current Oregon law, residents under the age of 21 may not receive cigarettes in a property drop.

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Can I give a resident rides to work or on any other passes?

Yes, all rides will need to be pre-approved through resident's counselors.

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Can I put money on a residents "books", or give them money?

The WCCCC does not have any "books" accounts for residents. The only item that residents can use money for in the center is to add money to their Intelmate phone account, other than that there is nothing else that residents are allowed to buy in the center. Staff will not accept money drop-offs. Cash will be allowed to be given to residents during visitations only, up to the maximum amount of $40.00. Excess amounts must be in form of checks, money orders, or cashier checks.

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Can residents call from the WCCCC?

Residents have access to a phone in their dorms in which they are allowed to use during the hours of 9AM to 10PM. The phone system allows pre-paid accounts and collected calls. Family and friends may placed money through either the internet, phone, or kiosk located in the visitors room at the WCCCC. Please visit resident's phone system page for more information.

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How can I contact a resident at the CCC, can I leave a message?

Due to the number of residents residing at the WCCCC, personal phone calls and messages are not accepted. Emergencies and employment related phone calls will be relayed to residents at the discretion of staff.

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How do I find out when someone is being transferred to the WCCCC?

This information is not available to the public, it is based on many factors including bed availability, approval by the Courts and the Washington County Jail.

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How do I get personal property that was collected and stored at the WCCCC?

Property will be stored at the WCCCC for 30 days after release of custody. Past residents can come in to pick up property with proper identification. If you are picking up property for a past resident who is back at the Washington County Jail, you will need to come into the WCCCC, get a release of property form and have it signed by the resident; thus allowing the WCCCC to release any and all property to you with appropriate identification. If property is not collected within the 30 days after being release from custody; the property will be donated/disposed of.

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