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Turn Yourself In

How do I serve a sentence or sanction at the Washington County Community Corrections Center (WCCCC)?

If you are court ordered to turn yourself in (meaning your court paperwork specifically states report to the WCCCC), bring your paperwork ASAP to the WCCCC and present paperwork to front desk staff to reserve a bed for you.  You will be asked to fill out an intake form when you arrive.  You will be given information regarding what you are allowed to bring with you when you return for the start of your custody stay.

If you are sanctioned, please confirm ahead of time with your Probation Officer that the WCCCC has the paperwork and that a bed is reserved.

If your court paperwork has you approved for all alternative sanctioning, or approved for the WCCCC but are sentenced to the Washington County Jail (WCJ), you will need report to the jail and will be placed on an eligibility list.  Once a bed becomes available at the Center you will be transferred from the WCJ to the WCCCC according to the eligibility list. The WCJ oversees the eligibility list.

How do I report for a sentence or sanction?

Report on the date and time your sentence/sanction order states.  It is important that you arrive on time as directed. Come to the WCCCC lobby, and notify staff you are reporting for your sentence/sanction. Please bring a copy of your court or sanction paperwork directing you to report.

What are the requirements to be a Transitional Lodger (TL)?
For a Transitional Lodger bunk, you must be on Supervision within Washington County and your Parole/Probation Officer will reserve a bed based on priority of need.  There is often-times a waiting list for TL beds.  Any exceptions to the wait list will be approved by the Center Manager.