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Automated Telephone Payment

The county will accept Credit Card/Debit Card, or e-Check payments via our automated telephone system for supervision fees owed to Community Corrections.  There is a 2.45% (minimum $1.50) convenience fee for all credit card/debit card payments or a $.95 convenience fee for all e-check payments.

A.  Credit/Debit Card:  If paying by CREDIT CARD/DEBIT CARD, there will be a convenience fee of 2.45% (minimum $1.50) charged for this service.

Example of Convenience fee:

 100.00    Supervision Fee Payment
     2.45     Convenience Fee for credit card payment
$102.45    Total charge to your account 
B.  E-Check Payment:  An e-check is an electronic payment deducted from your checking account.  There will be a convenience fee of $.95 charged per transaction for this service paid by you.

Example of E-check fee:

 150.00    Supervision Fee Payment
       .95    E-check Fee
$150.95   Total charge to your account 


The following items are required to enter a supervision fee payment via the automated telephone system.

     1.    A State ID (SID) number.  Your account number will be located on the left side of your monthly bill, below your name and address.

     2.    A valid VISA or MasterCard if paying by Credit Card.

     3.    Your checking Account and Routing numbers if paying by e-Check.


You can make an payment by telephone by calling 1-877-716-1787.