Who is Eligible?

Participation in Drug Court is limited to Washington County residents on probation or facing new charges.  Persons only on probation must currently be in violation with a pending probation violation hearing.  Clients are also eligible if they have new pending charges combined with probation and post-prison cases, but not post-prison cases alone.  The following types of cases are eligible for consideration: non-violent class C felonies; non-violent class A misdemeanors; non-violent probation/revocation cases.  If you identify a client you believe might be appropriate for the program send an e-mail to David Pitcher.

Once the background check is complete and the client passes, he/she is placed on the staffing sheet for Monday.  The district attorney’s office determines whether or not a client will be considered for the program.  If the client receives the staffing team’s approval the drug court coordinator, Harry Hesselgesser (503) 846-9243, will meet with the client to discuss his/her substance abuse history, past treatment and support system.  If the client is facing new charges, the screening interview cannot be completed without attorney approval.  If the screening process is successful, the client will be processed to enter the program the following Monday.


Below is the eligibility and exclusionary criteria for this program.

Eligibility Criteria (current case):

  • Nonviolent class C felony offenses
  • Nonviolent class A misdemeanor cases
  • Nonviolent probation/revocation cases
  • Other felony/misdemeanor offenses that do not involve the exclusion criteria

Presumptive Excludable but subject to review (applies to current and past cases)

     (Consider facts, age of offense, impact on program)

  • Reckless Endangerment
  • Robbery III
  • Tampering with Drug Records
  • Misdemeanor Possession of Weapon (non firearm)
  • Some Delivery of Controlled Substance cases
  • Some Manufacture of Controlled Substance cases
  • Burglary (level 7 and below)
  • Non-violent Juvenile Adjudications
  • Previous participation in a drug court program comparable to Washington County's
  • Another felony or a misdemeanor charged or pending in another county (exception may be when other county expressly agrees to defendant's participation in our Drug Court)
  • Child Neglect I (subject to review on case by case basis, depending on circumstances)

Excludable Criteria (applies to current and past cases)

    (in rare circumstances age of prior case may be considered):

  • Substantial quantity cases
  • Commercial drug offense cases
  • State believes the defendant is associated with a gang or criminal enterprise
  • Previous person crime convictions (most Chapter 163 and robbery cases)
  • Multiple person crime arrests
  • Violent offenses
  • Measure 11 offenses and attempts
  • Case that involves furnishing to a minor
  • Current offense of DUII
  • Possession of a firearm / Unlawful Use of a Weapon Involving Firearm
  • Current offense involving child support payments