Intake Appointments

Persons sentenced to probation report immediately after court to the Community Corrections Department for an intake appointment.  If required to serve jail time first, one should report within 24 hours of release, or on Monday if released on a weekend.  Many will meet with a Probation Officer for an intake appointment on the first day they report.  Others, depending on the type of conviction, will be scheduled for a group intake the following week.  Those who live out of state are seen the same day or the following day.  An intake lasts approximately an hour and includes a review of the general conditions of probation and the laws about gun ownership and possession.  In some instances, it also includes an assessment of treatment needs.  If being transferred to another county, reporting instructions for that county will be provided.

If it becomes necessary to reschedule an intake appointment, please call the Department’s main number (503.846.3400) for a new appointment.  Intake appointments can only be rescheduled one time, except in the case of certain emergencies.