Transferring Supervision to Another County

If you are being supervised in Washington County but move to a different county, it may be possible to have your supervision transferred to the new county of residence.  Transferring supervision means less travel time and cost when reporting for appointments.  It also means that the Probation and Parole Officer in the county where you reside will be more familiar with local employment, treatment, and other resources you may need.  Remember that the conditions of your supervision require you to get prior approval from your supervising officer before changing your residence.  There is no guarantee that a transfer will be approved.  The probation and parole office in the county to which you are moving will investigate your proposed residence and determine whether it is appropriate.  The receiving county must agree before you will be allowed to transfer.  Please note that some counties don’t supervise all misdemeanants.  If your conviction is one they do not supervise, you may still be able to move, but Washington County would continue to supervise you. 

Your Probation and Parole Officer will be able to answer your questions and help you through the process.  Be sure to talk to your officer before moving.

Transferring Supervision to Another State

You are not allowed to move to another state without the approval of your Probation and Parole Officer and, in many cases, the state to which you wish to move.  Under no circumstances should you move without prior permission; this would be a violation of your supervision conditions. 

All states must abide by the Interstate Compact Agreement.  This is a set of laws that details when, and under what circumstances, a person may transfer supervision to another state.  All felony and some misdemeanor convictions are subject to this agreement.  If it applies to your case, your Probation and Parole Officer will assist you with an application.  The receiving state will review the application and investigate your proposed residence to determine if it is appropriate.  It can take a month or longer for a decision, so be sure to plan ahead if you are considering a move.  There is a $150 application fee for applying to have your case transferred to another state; $100 due to the probation department and a $50 Money Order payable to the State of Oregon.