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Living With a Loved One On Parole

Parole and Probation Officers know that for adults in custody returning to the community, friends and family can make all of the difference. A supportive home environment can encourage a person to make the often challenging transition to a happier and more stable life. Community Corrections' Friend and Family Orientation is designed to answer the questions of those who will be living with a person on supervision in Washington County.

Orientation sessions are free and typically last about 90 minutes. Parole and Probation Officers run the meetings, allowing plenty of time for participants to ask their pressing questions. Common questions are: What can I expect when an officer comes for a home visit? What resources are available to help us?

"The system can be intimidating to those not familiar with Community Corrections," Eli Lopez, Parole/Probation Officer shares. "We offer these sessions so that family members and friends have a place where they can get their concerns addressed." Orientations are held quarterly -- usually the first Wednesday of each third month; February, May, August, and November, from 5:30 - 7:00 PM. Orientations are held in the Beaverton Community Center, Vose Room, at 12350 SW 5th, which is located across the street from the Beaverton Library.

Eli Lopez & Dave Bellwood

Parole/Probation Officer Eli Lopez and P&P Supervisor David Bellwood