Community Service

Community Service is an alternative sentencing program which the courts may use instead of fines or incarceration. You will be required to provide volunteer labor on a work crew or at a community non-profit agency. For a copy of the current non-profit list, please contact or (503) 846-3730.

If you have been ordered to perform Community Service as a condition of bench (informal) probation, it will be necessary for you to attend a group intake at Community Corrections. The sign-up board is at the receptionist’s desk (503-846-3400). If you miss your Community Service intake appointment you must reschedule for another one as soon as possible.

If you are on formal probation, your probation officer will either refer you to the group intake or individually explain how the program works. The Court will set a time limit for you to complete your Community Service hours.  If your assignment is not completed within the established time-frame, the Court or your probation officer will be informed. Failure to complete your community service may result in a violation hearing or a warrant issued for your arrest.

A $40.00 Community Service fee is assessed on all community service cases, unless waived by the Court.