Enhanced Bench Probation - DUII

Washington County Community Corrections monitors compliance for Enhanced Bench Probation - DUII, a form of bench probation ordered by the Courts.

Upon conviction, the court will direct individuals on Enhanced Bench Probation to report in person to Probation and Parole (2nd floor of the Justice Services Building) to fill out an intake packet. There are six conditions that must be met in order to complete the supervision period:

  1. Intake with Community Corrections: Report in person and complete intake packet.
  2. At intake, a referral will be created to complete the required ADSS-screening through Evaluation Services within 30 days on conviction (the evaluation must be completed with Evaluation Services). The fee for the state required screening ADSS is $150.00 and must be paid at the rate Evaluation Services determines. Evaluation Services will give a list of DUII certified agencies to choose from. Once an agency is selected, individuals will receive a referral and sign a release of information. 
  3. DUII Treatment- Upon referral from ADSS you must contact treatment and schedule an intake within 30 days. Treatment will report directly to Community Corrections on compliance or lack thereof.  Once treatment is complete, the case will be converted to Bench Probation for the remainder of the probation and Community Corrections will close the file.
  4. Victims Panel: Victims Panel is scheduled monthly in person. We are currently under COVID protocol and an online panel is being offered until the normal in person panel resumes. Please contact Evaluation Services to get a list of approved online classes.
  5. Community Service: Sign up to complete work crew or find a non-profit placement that is approved by Community Corrections. See Community Service page for details.
  6. Fines and fees as ordered by the court, please review court order and set up payment arrangements.

Failure to schedule or follow through with the above will result in the case being returned to court for a violation hearing. Enhanced Bench Probation is a self-guided process. Community Corrections is available to answer questions and to help resolve issues that arise.

For more information, email CCInfoDUII@co.washington.or.us or call 503-846-2806.