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Greetings from the CVS Manager


Welcome to the web pages for the Washington County Counseling & Victims' Services (CVS) Program.  I hope this site will give you a sense of what we do here and how we might be useful to you and our community.

I’ve had the honor of leading this Center since December of 2007 and I’ve been consistently impressed with the dedication, optimism, and good intentions of those who serve here and within our larger Community Corrections Department.  One might think that working with such difficult and often heart-breaking stories would result in burn-out and low morale, but this is not what I’ve found in our unique environment.

In fact, quite the opposite is true because the folks who work and volunteer here share a special quality:  they believe in people.  It sounds simple as I write it and perhaps a little naïve.  After all, we work in Corrections...with "criminals"!  Yet, it shapes our behaviors as we help our clients, offenders, partners, community and each other to heal, move forward in life, and find the potential that exists in us all.

Here at CVS, we believe that anyone can heal and move forward.  Our role is to support this healing and do what we can to help survivors remove the barriers to restoring and transforming their lives.  We hope to help them reconcile the past and tap into their own well of strength and wisdom.  Everyone has a restorative well of strength and wisdom.

Please explore our website and come visit us in person.  We’re happy to help in any way we’re able and we look forward to serving you and our community.

Best regards,

Marci Nelson
Program Manager
Community Corrections

Marci Nelson