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*** Due to Covid-19, we are not currently accepting applications for volunteers.  These pages will be updated once restrictions are lifted.  Thank you.



What is Volunteering? A person is volunteering when they work for a program, agency, project, community endeavor, etc., and provide time, talent and resources without receiving financial payment. Volunteers agree to the policies of the program in which they volunteer and often go through required interviews.  In our agency, they also agree to a background and reference check. Volunteers also agree to be placed into a weekly work schedule. We require a signed commitment to confidentiality. A sample of the varied jobs at our site is as follows:

Sal volunteers for the probation & parole office with the domestic violence team. She is helping with the paper work involved in tracking the requirements for clients to complete supervision successfully.  Sal has been trained on the state data base so that she can enter notes into each client’s file. She has her own designated number to use when she works at her station so her work corresponds to her specifically. Sal attends the DV team meetings from time to time.  She is a senior at Portland State University Administration of Justice degree program. She may be here 3-6 months for two days each week.

Randy works at the Community Corrections Center where they provide assistance to the Employment Specialist. In this capacity they help with residents’ resume writing, job searching, employment retention groups, etc.  Randy is a work-study student from Portland Community College. They also help the staff with other work in the Center including monitoring residents’ attendance at group treatment and signing residents in and out of the building. Also, Randy has an opportunity to be in the Learning Center to provide literacy instruction to Center residents.

Cass is a graduate counseling intern from Pacific University, working at the Center for Victims’ Services. They see clients from Probation & Parole, Center for Victims’ Services, Community Corrections Center and the public at large. They will complete a minimum of 600 hours at our site and receives weekly individual and group supervision by a licensed professional mental health counselor. They also get to know and work with 3 other graduate counseling interns representing other graduate schools in the metro area. Upon their completion, Cass may pursue becoming a registered graduate intern working on a LPC or LCSW license with us.

Emile is reentering the work force through Steps to Success and begins a six month work position as an administrative support staff. In this way he sees how well he performs in the work environment, brushing up on rusty skills and/or engaging in new skills for the work place. He may also continue with us after the first six months as a Jobs Plus worker, thereby earning a wage while broadening his resume and strengthening his work skills. His tenure of five days a week gives him ample opportunity to make friends, be in great training workshops, and practice his capacity to become a positive role model for others, including his children.

If you are interested in volunteering, we'd love to talk with you.  Our volunteers and interns are valuable members of Washington County Community Corrections.