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Covid-19 Update:

Community safety is our #1 priority.  Everyone can make a difference!!

In order to “flatten the curve,” Community Corrections continues to follow safety guidelines to minimize the spread of Covid-19. 

This is the current status of Community Corrections Parole/Probation Office, Community Corrections Center, and Counseling & Victims Services Program:

All facilities are open for pre-arranged appointments only.

Please do not visit unless directed to do so by Community Corrections staff.

Todas las instalaciones están abiertas solo para citas preestablecidas.

Por favor, no visite a menos que se lo indique el personal de Correcciones Comunitarias.


Those attending an appointment will be required to wear face masks while in the office.  If you do not have a mask, one will be provided.  Please, only visit the P&P office if you have been requested to do so; otherwise reach out by phone or email to your PO or to the program you wish to visit. 

If you do visit Community Corrections, we ask that you come alone and maintain recommended social distancing guidelines.  Speak to the assigned PO if you require someone to accompany you and coordinate that prior to your visit.

Do not come to the office if you are sick, have a fever, or have any symptoms of illness. 

The county is requesting all visitors sign in and provide contact information in order to assist Health and Human Services in contract tracing to mitigate the spread of Covid-19.

All other routine office visits are being conducted by phone or electronic forms of contact.  Unless otherwise instructed, supervised individuals should check in via phone or email with their Parole/Probation Officer and not come into the office. 

In general, please follow recommended public health guidelines:

  • Wear an approved cloth face mask (no vented masks) and cover both your nose and mouth
  • Wash your hands regularly, with soap and water, and for at least 20 seconds
  • Use hand sanitizer if unable to wash hands
  • Avoid touching your face, and wash up if you do
  • Isolate yourself if you are sick or have any symptoms (cough, fever, trouble breathing, runny nose)
  • Keep 6 feet of distance from others
  • Be a good neighbor and do what you can to take care and help out others


Enhancing public safety by promoting positive behavior change.


Washington County Community Corrections serves an important role in keeping our community safe. We work to prevent the recurrence of crime among adult justice involved individuals by supervising and connecting clients with the resources they need to change problem behavior. We supervise approximately 3600 justice involved individuals using a range of evidence-based strategies, while working in partnership with the Courts, law enforcement, and the state Board of Parole and Post-Prison Supervision. In addition to community supervision, we operate the 215-bed Community Corrections Center, a transitional facility that offers a range of services and programs to assist in the successful return from custody to the community.

  • The Community Corrections Center is a 215-bed custody facility 
    that prepares people serving sentences to successfully transition back into 
    the community. It offers a secure, structured living environment, while focusing 
    on accountability, employment, treatment, and skill building.
  • The Probation and Parole Division supervises approximately 3600 justice involved individuals, holding them accountable to the conditions of their supervision while supporting their efforts to live successfully in the community.
  • The Counseling & Victims' Services (CVS) program provides counseling, advocacy, training, education and referral services that help liberate people from the effects of criminal harm, and encourages healthy relationships.
  • The Volunteer Program offers opportunities for work study, undergraduate and graduate internships. Additionally, free counseling services are offered through the Washington County Counseling Program.

       Community Corrections Center       (503) 846-4300    (directions)

       Probation and Parole                      (503) 846-3400    (directions)

       Counseling & Victims' Services        (503) 846-3020    (directions)


 Community Corrections 2021-23 Biennium Plan 

Mission and Department Values

 Justice Reinvestment Referral Information

Family Sentencing Alternative Program (FSAP)

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