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Hillsboro Walnut Park Improvements (completed project)

Hillsboro Walnut Park PlaygroundIn 2011, CDBG awarded the City of Hillsboro $100,000 to renovate and refurbish an existing neighborhood park serving low/moderate income residents.  Walnut Park project renovated the play equipment to provide for improved ADA accessibility, and to accommodate the needs of young children under 5 as well as children in the 5-12 year old age group.   

HillsboroWalnutParkSplashpad1A water spray ground was developed to give park users, approximately 3,000 persons, a well designed place to enjoy a sprinkler type of water play that can hold up to heavy use.    



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Timber Water Treatment Facility Repairs (completed project)

Timber Water FacilityThe water treatment facility, built in 1972, had water intrusion issues that caused severe dry rot in the West, North, and South sides of the building.  Failure of the building posed a danger to the newly installed water treatment equipment contained within, valued at approximately $200,000.  The extent of this damage required that the roof and much of the SW wall, along with portions of the SE and NW walls, be reconstructed to correct the water intrusion issues and make the building structurally sound.  In 2011, $118,750 in CDBG funds were awarded to Timber Water Association for the structural improvements - serving 146 persons.




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14th Avenue Improvements (on going)

14th Ave. N. View   14th Ave. S. View
  NORTH                  SOUTH
In 2011, $182,000 in CDBG funds were awarded to the City of Cornelius to provide new safe and standard pedestrian-oriented signals at the double intersection of 14th Avenue and Adair and Baseline are needed to safely and efficiently connect the people and their vehicles. The project will construct traffic signals and crosswalks at 14th Avenue across Highway 8 (Adair and Baseline) for safe pedestrian and vehicular passage across the two main streets in the City.  CDBG funds will be used for a portion of the professional services as well as a portion of the construction costs associated in constructing traffic signals and crosswalks at the intersections of 14th Avenue and Adair and 14th Avenue and Baseline.  Approximately 1,255 persons will be served by this project.
















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