CDBG Forms

The following forms and manuals will assist you in managing your Community Development Block Grant project: 

Voucher Requests: 
Please call OCD at 503-846-8814 to receive the Voucher Request form.  Below are the instructions for filling out the Voucher Request. 

In order to assure that budgets, budget revisions and requests for payment are properly authorized, all forms will require the signature of at least two individuals designated by the sponsor to request reimbursement. It may be helpful to obtain three or four signatures to assure the availability of two authorized signers at any given time.

The chief executive or certifying officer authorizes these designated signatories to sign budgets, budget revisions and requests for reimbursement by executing the OCD Authorization Signature Card form.

If the authorized signers change for any reason, a new Authorization Signature Card is required.

Procedure Manuals: