CDBG Program Activities

Infrastructure Improvements Revitalizing lower income neighborhoods with projects such as:

  • street improvements
  • sidewalks and aesthetics
  • structural improvements
  • drainage, water and sewer systems

Public Facilities Serving lower income neighborhoods or populations, and eliminating blight through providing facilities such as:

  • senior centers, child care facilities
  • multi-purpose centers
  • sheltered workshops for disabled persons
  • youth centers
  • parks
  • shelter facilities
  • health facilities
  • group homes

Public Services Providing limited social and health services for lower income residents including:

  • youth at risk
  • employment counseling
  • health
  • recreation
  • mortgage foreclosure prevention

Housing Improving housing conditions for low and moderate income residents through:

  • loans for rehabilitation of owner- occupied housing units
  • grants for repair of health and safety problems, and weatherization assistance
  • project development for seniors, disabled and farm workers
  • energy conservation
  • housing information, referral and fair housing counseling to promote greater housing choices