2015-2020 Consolidated Plan Data Sources

The following data resources will be reviewed and utilized in assessing needs, determining priorities and in the development of the strategic plan as part of the 2015-2020 Washington County Consolidated Plan.  The Opportunity Maps are a resource developed by Washington County as part of the 2010-2015 Washington County Consolidated Plan and helped determine access to opportunity using mapped addresses.  The Regional Equity Atlas, housed at the Coalition for a Livable Future and using data housed at Metro, will expand on the Opportunity Maps and include additional indicators to help guide our public investment in the next five-year cycle.  The CPD Maps, 2010 Census, 2006-2010 ACS and CHAS Data links enable Washington County to have federal data resources for analysis to assist in the development of the housing market analysis, housing needs assessment and non-housing needs assessment.  Washington County will also be utilizing primary data sources collected from focus groups, community meetings, interviews and an online needs assessment questionnaire to assist with qualitative data as part of the 2015-2020 Washington County Consolidated Plan.  The links to these data resources can be found below:


Opportunity Maps (used for 2010 - 2015 Consolidated Plan) 

Regional Equity Atlas 

CPD Maps 

2010 Census 

2006 - 2010 ACS Data 

CHAS Data 


IDIS Consolidated Plan Template References



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