Funding Opportunities

HPOF Homeownership ProgramKeys image for HPOF Homeownership

The Washington County Office of Community Development (OCD) announces the availability of HPOF Homeownership Program funds to help create affordable homeownership opportunities for first-time, low-income homebuyers in Washington County.


Program objectives are met through two basic models of assistance: 1) subordinate mortgage loans, also known as down payment assistance; and 2) permanent affordability, through a community land trust, which increases the supply of homes affordable to the initial and successive homebuyers.


Funds awarded will be sourced from County General Funds. This first round of funding will provide up to $2.9 million dollars, split 60/40, between permanent affordability and downpayment assistance.


Program highlights include:

  • Open to households who live or work in Washington County
  • First time homebuyer
  • Assistance to households up to 100% AMI
  • Partnerships with established homeownership centers and community land trust agencies


Applications from agencies are due June 13, 2022. View the full notice here.