Auditor releases Final Follow-up on Executive Expenses

For Immediate Release: Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Sponsored by: Auditor's Office
County Auditor John Hutzler released his second and final follow-up report on his Audit of Executive Expenses. In that February 2014 report, Hutzler found that County processes for managing travel and business expenses included proper segregation of duties and adequate monitoring controls, but those controls did not always ensure compliance with County policies.
In August 2014 Hutzler released his first follow-up report. He found that changes to the County Travel and Business Expenses Policy had addressed audit recommendations for policy improvements. 
Hutzler conduct the second follow-up to confirm that corrective actions were effectively implemented to achieve executive compliance with County policies. He found that additional training and monitoring significantly improved compliance with County policies, but there was room for further improvement.
In summary, the County Administrator fully implemented three of the seven audit recommendations and partially implemented three more. One of the recommendations was not implemented.

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John Hutzler, County Auditor
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