Auditor's Jail Healthcare Report Wins National Award

For Immediate Release: Monday, March 16, 2015

Sponsored by: Auditor's Office

Auditor's Jail Healthcare Report Wins National Award

The Washington County Auditor's Office will receive a Knighton award from the Association of Local Government Auditors (ALGA) for its November 2014 report on Jail Healthcare.
Submitted reports are judged by other auditors on five criteria:
  1. An audit scope that has the potential for significant impact, and is responsive to the needs and concerns of decision-makers and/or the public;
  2. Audit conclusions that are persuasive, logical, and firmly supported by the evidence (which was gathered using appropriate research methods and tools);
  3. Audit recommendations that are feasible, and will make government programs more effective and efficient;
  4. Audit results that are communicated in a clear, concise way;
  5. Audits that have an innovative scope, methodology, recommendations, or report format.

The Jail Healthcare report has been recognized as Exemplary, the highest award category. County Auditor John Hutzler will receive the award at the ALGA National Conference in San Diego, May 4-5, 2015.

Media Contact:

John Hutzler, County Auditor
(503) 846-8798