Meet the Auditor


John Hutzler
County Auditor
Hello.  My name is John Hutzler, and I am proud to serve as your elected County Auditor.   I appreciate this opportunity to tell you a little bit about myself and my office.
I have lived in Washington County for over 30 years.  I have been married to a native Oregonian for more than 35 years, and we have one son.  I served as Washington County's Justice Planning Coordinator from 1991-96 when the County was planning the Jail, Sheriff's Offices and Community Corrections Center in downtown Hillsboro, and I welcome the opportunity to serve my neighbors in Washington County in my current role.
The office of County Auditor is nonpartisan, and I do not consider myself a politician.  I was elected in the May 2010 primary, took office in January 2011, and was reelected in May 2014 and May 2018.  I have held no other political office, and consider the office of County Auditor to be a professional function rather than a political office.  The County Auditor is elected not because he makes policy, but to ensure his independence from County Administration.
As your County Auditor, I examine County programs and operations to determine:
  • First, whether the program is effective - in other words, is it achieving results?
  • Second, is it efficient, or could those results be achieved at a lower cost? and
  • Third, does the program comply with applicable laws and regulations?
If a program falls short in any of these three areas, I make recommendations for how the program could be improved. The County Administrator responds to the audit with a plan to address my recommendations, and I follow up to ensure that County Administration carries out its improvement plan. 
I am a Certified Internal Auditor, a Certified Government Audit Professional, and the recipient of numerous awards from professional audit organizations.  My experience includes auditing in both business and government and encompasses education, health care, road construction, street maintenance, law enforcement, courts, juvenile justice, corrections, health and human services, animal services, emergency medical services, housing, project management, human resources, credit card management, travel and entertainment expenses, information systems development, cybersecurity, insurance regulation, banking, performance reporting, grant management, compliance with federal regulations, and fraud/ethics investigation.  I have provided consulting services to state and local governments throughout the country and recommended program improvements that have saved taxpayers millions of dollars and improved services.  My goal is to do the same for Washington County.