Volunteers & Interns

Summary of the Victim Assistance Program

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Since 1983, the Victim Assistance Program has helped victims of crime navigate the criminal justice system.  Our program is always seeking community volunteers and student interns interested in helping victims of crime.  Volunteer victim advocates work alongside staff to provide emotional and informational support to victims of crime.

Crime Victim Advocates: Volunteer or Intern?

The Crime Victim Advocate Internship Program is designed to provide criminal justice system experience to students interested in advocating for crime victims in the prosecution of criminal cases.  Students can earn academic credit or fulfill class internship requirements by successfully completing a Victim Assistance internship.  We require a minimum six month commitment where interns work at least 15 hours per week.  This is an unpaid internship.
We are happy to provide references upon successful completion of the

Volunteers in the Victim Assistance Program can be students or community members who are interested in working with and advocating for victims of crime.  We require a minimum one year commitment, but we do not specify/require a mandatory number of hours per week.  Volunteering with the Victim Assistance Program provides great job experience in the criminal justice system and builds a great connection between you and your community.

Volunteer and Intern Jobs

All volunteers and interns gain great criminal justice experience with the following jobs in the Victim Assistance Program.

Court Accompaniment

Provide emotional and informational support during hearings, including trial and sentencing.

Grand Jury Advocacy

Provide emotional and informational support during the grand jury process.

Early-Contact Calls

Contact victims of crime to provide emotional and informational support, assist with safety planning and provide referrals to community resources.

Violation of Protection Order Assistance

Assist victims of protection order violations by providing court accompaniment, hearing and sentencing information, and safety planning.


Help victims determine and obtain monetary reimbursement to be paid by the defendant for losses incurred directly as a result of the crime.

Administrative Assistance

Assist staff with file set-up, make informational phone calls to victims, and compose case status notification and disposition letters.