Washington County sees 17 Murder Victims in 2009

Release date: 01/07/2010
Sponsored by: District Attorney Department

2009 was a particularly tragic year in Washington County with a near record number of homicide victims. Five children and one unborn child were among the dead. After many years of very few homicides tied to domestic violence, the past year counted ten victims of domestic violence in seven separate incidents. In five of those incidents, that claimed eight of the victims, the murderer committed suicide at the scene.  

Other victims knew their killer. A two month old baby died at the hands of her father, a 19 year old was killed in a robbery by acquaintances, another victim was administered a fatal dosage of drugs, and a 21 year old pregnant woman was murdered allegedly for her unborn child.  The others died at the hands of apparent strangers - a teenager attacked on the street while walking home and 55 year old Danny LeGore shot while riding as a passenger in a car. His killer was subsequently shot and killed by police.  

Finally, human remains discovered in 1985 were identified as missing 16 year old Angela Girdner.  

To date, two of the killers have been convicted. Five of the remaining cases resulted in arrests and have trials pending. Only one, that of Angela Girdner, remains unsolved at this time.