Child Molester Receives 37 Year Sentence

Release date: 01/04/2010
Sponsored by: District Attorney Department


On December 15, 2009, Judge Thomas Kohl sentenced Scott Lee Keblbek to almost 37 years in prison (36 years and 10 months) for the sexual molestation and strangulation assault of an eight year old child.  30 years of the sentence was imposed under "Jessica's Law". 

In early 2009, Keblbek, who has a lengthy criminal record of mostly property crimes and substance abuse offenses, was released from a prison sentence and staying in the Aloha area. At the time of this incident he was on post prison supervision being supervised by Multnomah County Community Corrections. He sexually touched an 8 year old female on the genitalia when she slept, and then later that same month almost killed her by strangulation when she refused to orally sodomize him. He then continued to sexually assault her. Doctors and the Medical Examiner said that they had never seen injuries like the victim suffered on a live person, showing how very near death this child was. Keblbek fled the area when the girl reported the assault to her mother, but the Hillsboro police apprehended him after an exhaustive, multiple state search. 

At the sentencing, Keblbek's attorney Lawrence Taylor said that his client was on methamphetamine at the time of the incident. Keblbek refused to make a statement.  Senior Deputy DA Megan Johnson handled the case for the DA's office.