Repeat Child Rapist Sentenced

Release date: 05/28/2010
Sponsored by: District Attorney Department

Child Rapist Sentenced

On February 26, 2010 Judge Marco Hernandez sentenced Cecil Webster Fairley of Beaverton to 30 years in prison, following a six-day jury trial prosecuted by Senior Deputy DA Jeff Lesowski. 

Fairley, 31, was convicted of first-degree rape (two counts), second-degree sexual abuse (five counts), third-degree sodomy (four counts), second degree kidnapping, and Delivery of Controlled Substances to Minors (14 counts).

Fairley's history in the justice system dates back to the 1990s, when he raped a 4 year-old girl and later a 12 year-old girl.  He has been convicted of several felonies, has served 3 prison sentences, and is a registered sex offender.  In the most recent case, he met a 14 year-old girl on a MAX train, provided her with drugs, and eventually engaged in a pattern of sex acts over a 3-month period of time.

Oregon has a "3 strikes" law for sex offenders.  When a criminal is sentenced for his third felony sex crime, his presumptive sentence is life in prison without the possibility of parole.  Fairley was not eligible for a life sentence because his first conviction occurred in juvenile court and therefore did not qualify as a prior conviction under the 3 strikes law.  The Judge, however, was able to impose the lengthy 30 year sentence because of the provisions of Measure 11.