Sarah Dillard-Lubin Pleads Guilty

Release date: 01/22/2010
Sponsored by: District Attorney Department

Dillard-Lubin Pleads Guilty

In 2005, Sarah Dillard-Lubin poisoned her 11 month old baby boy in California.  She gave him morphine which caused him to turn blue and stop breathing. She initially lied about the incident, but later confessed that she did it, saying that it was to gain attention from her baby's father.  She was convicted of assaulting her son in California and placed on probation there.  Her son was removed from her custody and she eventually came to Oregon where she had a relationship with a local doctor and had his child in April, 2009.  On June 4, 2009, she brought her two month old daughter into Providence St. Vincent Hospital claiming her daughter had a fever.  Although the baby appeared fine, sometime later the baby stopped breathing, was intubated, hospitalized and quickly transferred to Doernbecher Children's Hospital where she ultimately recovered from critical condition.  Subsequent toxicology tests revealed morphine in the child's system. The mother denied poisoning her child at first, but later confessed that she did it because she wanted attention from the baby's father.

On December 30, 2009 Washington County Circuit Judge Mark Gardner sentenced Dillard-Lubin, 25, to 90 months prison for her conviction of Assault in the First Degree. Her child was placed in the protective custody of Oregon's Department of Human Services.  Washington County Senior Deputy District Attorney Megan Johnson prosecuted the case.  Metropolitan Public Defender Dean Smith represented the defendant.

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