Teens And Technology: Protecting Your Kids in an Online World

Release date: 04/18/2011
Sponsored by: District Attorney Department

Washington County Child Abuse Multi-Disciplinary Team Presents: Teens and Technology - Protecting Kids in an Online World

April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month

The Washington County Child Abuse Multidisciplinary Team is working this month to raise awareness about the potential dangers teenagers face in an increasingly advanced technological world. Members of the Washington County District Attorney's office, partnered with state and federal law enforcement and local school districts, are speaking to parents of teenagers about how to best keep kids safe when accessing the internet on their computers or cell phones.  The sessions address how teenagers are using technology with other kids, as well as what tactics child predators use to identify, groom, and offend against children.  "Mom or Dad used to be able to eavesdrop on their teenager's conversations because the kitchen phone was plugged into the wall.  Today, most teens have cell phones that are capable not only calling their friends but also can access the internet where they can use social network sites to email, IM, and even to poke their friends, all without their parents' knowledge," says Deputy District Attorney Paul Maloney.  "Parents today need to have an understanding of the technologies their kids are using, and communicate with their kids about the best ways to safely use their phones and computers. Installing internet monitoring software, checking their teen's internet histories, and setting rules for use are all great ideas, but the most important component is open, clear discussions with your teenager about risks and responsibilities associated with using the internet, cell phones, and social network sites," said Maloney.

Please join us for our final session scheduled for Poynter Middle School, 1535 NE Grant Street, Hillsboro, OR 97124, on Tuesday April 27th from 7pm - 8pm.

Read this Oregonian article for more detail from a previous session, or download a copy of the Powerpoint presentation.