Victim Rights Request Form

As a victim of crime in Oregon, you have legal rights.  A listing of your rights is explained in the brochures titled “General Information for Crime Victims” and “Victims’ Rights Guide.”  Many of these rights are automatic; however, some of the rights must be requested by you to go into effect.  Return this form or contact our office as soon as possible if you want to exercise any of these rights.

As a victim, you have the right to be notified prior to every critical stage of the case.  You may also choose not to assert this right.  Many of the hearings are procedural and may not be of interest to you.  Even if you do not assert this notification right, you will still receive notice of any trial date (by subpoena).  You will still have the right to seek restitution for financial losses, and you will still be notified of the conviction and sentencing of the defendant.  Unless subpoenaed, you do not need to attend sentencing for the judge to order restitution to be paid to you.  However, in order to receive restitution you do need to complete and return the restitution paperwork by the deadline indicated.

Should you change your mind about exercising these rights, please contact us and we will work with you to exercise the right if possible.