The District Attorney or his deputies are available to speak to groups on a variety of topics including career options, identity theft, elder abuse, gangs, and others. 

Career Presentation
A Deputy DA will talk with students about the exciting career of a prosecuting attorney. 

Identity Theft Presentation
How does identity theft impact victims, merchants and the economy in Washington County?  What can you do to protect yourself?  How can you fix your credit history once it's been damaged?

Elder Abuse Presentation
What can you do to keep your loved ones safe?  Things to look for.

Gang Presentation
What kind of gangs operate in Washington County and what is their impact on our neighborhoods?  What can we do to prevent kids from joining gangs?  What can we do to reduce gang violence?  Will riding MAX at night ever be safe?

If you would like to arrange for a presentation please contact our office at (503) 846-8671 or