About Us

Our Mission

Minimize the effects of major emergencies and disasters on the community through:

  • Targeted vulnerability and risk reduction strategies and actions;
  • Comprehensive and effective agency preparations;
  • Engagement with the full spectrum of emergency management stakeholders;
  • Effective coordination and appropriate integration of program plans and activities with those of local, regional, state, and federal agencies and those of the private sector and non-governmental organizations, and;
  • Sustained efforts to ensure the community is aware of the risks it faces, knowledgeable of the actions it can take to mitigate those risks, and empowered to take those actions.

Our Vision

A disaster resilient Washington County community…one that has mitigated its vulnerability to major emergencies and disasters, one that is prepared to respond to major emergencies and disasters when they occur, and one that is organized and prepared to restore community services and guide and facilitate community recovery following major emergencies and disasters.

Our Staff

County Emergency Management has seven full-time and one part-time staff members and a full-time EMC-funded employee.

EM Org Chart as of 02/14/2022

Our County Partners

In addition to Emergency Management staff, our work is supported by several internal groups. These groups provide leadership, goal setting and evaluation as well as support in the County's Emergency Operations Center and Department Operations Centers. Some examples include:

  • Emergency Management Cabinet
  • Emergency Operations Center (EOC) staff
  • Department Operations Center (DOC) staff
  • County Continuity of Operations (COOP) Coordinators
  • Public Health Emergency Preparedness staff