Resources for Evacuees

Evacuation sites

All evacuation levels in Washington County have been lifted. The following remain open for evacuees from fires in other counties

Insurance Information

The OregoHomeowners insurancen Division of Financial Regulation offers the following tips for for homeowners and renters whose property has been impacted by fire, smoke and ash:

  1. Call your home insurance company to check your policy. Make the company aware if you were evacuated.
  2. Call your auto insurance company to check your coverage for wildfire-related damage to your vehicle(s).
  3. If you had to evacuate, save receipts. Homeowner/rental policies may cover expenses such as lodging, food and even pet boarding due to mandatory evacuation. Check with your company for specific coverage.
  4. If you did not evacuate, do a quick home inventory with photos and/or videos of each room, including what's on walls and in drawers and closets. Don't forget the garage and storage areas.  Sample checklist
  5. Create an inventory list of damaged personal belongings. Looking through photos and videos is helpful for recall of personal items. If possible, include the age, original cost and replacement cost of each item.