The Alcohol and Drug Prevention program contracts with community partners to provide prevention services in Washington County. We fund best practice strategies based on the Center for Substance Abuse Prevention Principles of Effective Substance Abuse Prevention.

Prevention efforts fall into two categories:

  1. Environmental-level interventions, which seek to reduce opportunities for underage drinking, increase penalties for violating minimum legal drinking age and other alcohol use laws, and reduce community tolerance for alcohol use by youth
  2. Individual-level interventions, which seek to change knowledge, expectancies, attitudes, intentions, motivation and skills so that youth are better able to resist the pro-drinking influences and opportunities that surround them

Prevention services in Washington County include:

  • Parent skill-building programs
  • Student assistance programs
  • Research-based technical assistance, consultation and support to community and regional groups for planning, implementation and evaluation of prevention strategies
  • Youth surveys: Assist in recruiting school to participate in the Oregon Student Wellness Survey and in dissemination of county-level survey reports
  • Contract monitoring

For more information about any of the above, contact Bernardino De La Torre at (desk) 503-846-4547 or (fax) 503-846-4954.