CATT Work Groups

Designing the CATT has been a community effort. While County staff have facilitated the process, the design is based on input from many different people and organizations. Several key workgroups have contributed to the work: 

Leadership Team: Staff from several county departments have worked since 2019 to build the CATT concept. The Leadership Team organizes the project and plans for future work. The team also collects feedback from community members and other organizations to inform the development. 

Steering Committee: View this page to learn more about the committee that began meeting in 2020.

Program Development Work Group: Find out more about this key work group that created the foundation for the CATT project.

New work groups: As we move from concept to implementation, several new work groups are being developed. New work groups will focus on community engagement, communications, facility design and systems interface. This diagram shows our planned work group structure for the CATT project, going forward. (Note: "Inactive" means the work group has accomplished its objectives for now, but could be reactivated in the future.)