CATT Project Documents

Several key documents have been developed during Phase 1 of the Center for Addictions Triage and Treatment (CATT) feasibility study. Along the way, the Steering Committee and Program Development Work Group have helped advise and direct the project's guiding principles, foundational layout and core concept. Please feel free to explore these documents.

Building Blocks - Foundational guidance for the planning and potential development of the CATT. These were developed in 2020 by the project's Program Development Work Group with support from the Leadership Team.

Data Analysis - In late 2019, representatives from multiple systems assembled to compile data from the existing systems of care and evaluate how that information could inform the CATT project. A summary of some of that information can be found here.

Equity Tool - This tool is designed to assist the CATT development team in making decisions and eliminating barriers that cause disparities in access to care and culturally responsive treatment.

Feasibility Study now available! The feasibility study is a comprehensive document that summarizes all the work to date on the development of the CATT concept and includes a masterplan for implementation.

Services - This document organizes the services to be included in the Center for Addictions Triage and Treatment concept.