CATT Project Documents

We have been hard at work on our concept for a Center for Addictions Triage and Treatment (CATT). Along the way we have developed several documents that shape key areas of our work. Please feel free to explore these documents below.

Building Blocks - This document describes our values as we develop the CATT. 

Community Engagement Strategic Plan - Early in the development process, the CATT leadership team recognized the need for increased outreach and engagement of all our community members, to create a center that is for everyone. In partnership with the Office of Equity, Inclusion and Community Engagement, this plan outlines a strategic approach for outreach for the next phases of this project.

Data Analysis - Early in the process we brought together a team to explore how data could be used to inform the project. A summary of some of that information can be found here.

Equity Tool - This tool is designed to assist the CATT development team to eliminate barriers that cause unequal access to care. The tool will also assist us in developing culturally responsive treatment.

Feasibility Study - The feasibility study is a summary of all the work we have done to date and includes a masterplan for implementation.

Financial Analysis - A financial analysis of the estimated cost for developing and implementing the CATT.

Services - This document organizes all the services we want to include at the CATT.