Education & Outreach Services

Washington County’s Addiction Services program provides promotional and educational services and materials that are designed to educate and inform. To request a speaker for your group, contact Andy Cartmill at 503-846-4903.

The presentations and other materials below are free for you to use. The primary source for statistical information comes from publications such as Alcohol, Illicit Drug & Tobacco Consumption and Consequences in Washington County, Oregon 2000-2006; and the 2008 Community Resource Guide for Problem and Pathological Gambling. These publications were developed by Oregon's Department of Human Service's Addiction and Mental Health Division.   


Fact Sheets

The Fact Is (TFI) are a series of fact sheets that provide information on addiction in Washington County and Oregon. The primary source for the information comes from the Oregon Department of Human Service's Addiction and Mental Health Division.

Order Materials

A variety of educational materials are available through Oregon's Addiction and Mental Health Services Resource Center. Order materials on substance abuse, mental health and problem gambling by calling 800-822-6772. Educational materials are also available in limited supply from Washington County's Addiction Services Program. Call 503-846-4903 for information and requests.

Available items include:

  • Helpline cards (English and Spanish)
  • Problem Gambling wallet-sized cards
  • Teen Clinic cards
  • Tobacco Quit Line cards
  • Problem Gambling brochures (English and Spanish)
  • Hillsboro Empowers Youth (HEY!) brochures