In certain situations, we may need to check out a person’s yard to see if the property is secure. These yard inspections are done for the safety of the animal. A yard inspection may sometimes include examining the inside of a home. They are performed by our Animal Control Officers or by shelter staff. 

Here are some examples of yard inspections, and when we might do them:

--Our adoption process occasionally determines that a yard inspection is necessary for a particular animal’s adoption. For example, if we are considering adopting out a dog that was an “escape artist” in its previous home, we might require a certain kind of fencing to keep the animal safely in its new yard.

--We may require a yard inspection when we place a special needs animal into a foster home.

--If an agreement has been signed by a dog owner and an Animal Control Officer to fix or replace the dog owner’s fence to prevent future problems, we may require a yard inspection as part of the follow-up effort.

--When a judge orders a dog owner to fix or replace a portion of his or her property because of past problems, we may do a yard inspection to make sure the order has been followed.