Injured Animals


Injured Dog or Cat

Call Animal Services if you find or have information regarding an injured dog or cat. During regular business hours, an Animal Control officer will take the injured dog or cat to one of several veterinarian clinics in Washington County to receive life-saving treatment and first aid.

After business hours and on holidays, local law enforcement agencies will respond to calls for seriously wounded animals. Call non-emergency dispatch if you see an injured animal after hours.

If the dog is wearing a license, then Animal Services will notify the owner of the emergency.

Following the incident, Animal Services will bill the owner for the emergency care provided by the veterinarian.

Injured Animals

If you find a stray injured dog or cat, you can call Animal Services, and we will pick it up. If we pick up an injured dog that has a current Washington County dog license, we will take the dog to a veterinarian. All other animals will be taken back to the shelter. The animal may be taken to a veterinarian depending upon the severity of the injury. 

Deceased Animals

  • Dogs and Cats: Animal Services responds to requests to pick-up dead dogs and cats only.
  • Livestock, Deer and Elk: If the dead animal is livestock (cow, horse, sheep), deer, or elk and in the road, then please contact Washington County Land Use & Transportation, Operations Division.
  • Other Wild Animals: If the dead animal is a wild animal (coyote, opossum, skunk, etc.), please call your local city's public works department for assistance.