If You Have Found A Pet

Report the Found Pet to Us

Our shelter is the official pet lost & found in Washington County, so alerting us about a pet that you found is often the very best way to get the animal reunited with their owner. It is also required by law and the right thing to do (you'd want someone to try and return your pet to you).

Report a found pet


Try to Contact the Owner Directly

Check to see if there is an ID tag or a phone number written on the pet's collar and try any numbers you find. Be sure to leave a message with your contact info if you don't reach them right away.

Dog License Lookup

If you find a dog wearing a Washington County Dog License tag, you can use our Dog License Lookup to retrieve the owner's phone number from our system.


Even if the pet doesn't have visible ID, they may still have a microchip that you cannot see or feel. We can scan the pet for a microchip here at the shelter and most veterinary clinics in Washington County (including emergency and after-hours clinics) will scan found pets for free. Even if the microchip isn't registered or if it has an outdated phone number, our staff may still be able to use the information to help find the owner.

Bring the Pet to the Shelter

There is a $10 fee to intake found cats. This helps to offset our costs of caring for the cat and working to find its owner. We appreciate your understanding and do accept additional donations as well.

Thanks to Dog License fees, there is no charge for us to intake found dogs and we can often send an officer to pick them up as well. This service operates Monday-Saturday during our business hours and is dependent on staffing levels and priority of requests. Please call before 5 p.m. and understand that we may not always be able to pick up on the same day.

If You'd Like to Keep the Pet You Found

Whether you want to adopt the pet or simply want to keep the pet at your home while searching for the owner, you can learn more about the requirements on our "If You'd Like to Keep the Pet You Found" page.