If Your Lost Pet is at Our Shelter

Let us know right away!

If your pet is here at the shelter, or even if there is a pet that you think could be yours but you aren't sure, please contact us immediately. Call our animal care staff at 503-846-7039 or come to the shelter during our business hours.

Bring ID

Please bring your photo ID and any proof of ownership you may have, such as photographs or veterinary records. We can work with you but do need some way to be sure the pet is being returned to their rightful owner.

Be Prepared to Pay a Fee

Animal Services charges fees to help offset our costs of caring for your pet. Even if they are only briefly here in the building, each animal gets the same amount of staff time and resources when they arrive to help keep them safe (your pet may receive flea protection and certain vaccines), to help reunite them with you (Such as taking their photo and uploading to Pet Harbor) and to help make them as comfortable as possible (such as giving them food and a bed). The intake/impound fees vary depending on species, whether they are licensed and how many other times they have come to the shelter in the last year. There is a boarding fee for each night they spend with us and if your pet is a dog, they will need a current license. You can purchase one when you pick up your dog, or provide proof of license in another county.

You can view our complete fee schedule online, but to ensure an accurate fee quote, please speak to our staff. Keep in mind that a fee quote is only good for the day it was quoted for and additional boarding fees will apply if the pet is not picked up that day.

We Want What's Best For Your Pet

If you are worried that you cannot afford to reclaim your pet, talk with us about payment options. Do not wait to talk with us because of a financial barrier or other concerns.

Length of Hold in Shelter

We hold lost and stray pets who do not have any identification (such as a microchip, a collar tag, a dog license tag, etc.) for 3 business days. We hold pets with identification for 7 business days.

When a pet is not reclaimed by an owner within the hold periods listed above, we will make every effort to find the animal a new home. This means that time is of the essence. Call our shelter technicians right away at 503-846-7039 if your pet is here so that we can work together for the sake of your pet.