If Your Lost Pet is Not at Our Shelter

First, Report Your Lost Pet to Us

Even if your pet isn't currently at our shelter, we may still be able to help reunite you with your pet.

Button to report a lost pet

We Will Work Hard to Find You

If your pet comes into our shelter with any sort of identification, we will work very hard to find you and let you know that your pet is here so that you can be reunited with them. We will also attempt to contact you if you've completed the lost pet form and we learn about a possible match, even if they haven't been brought to our shelter. Our first priority is always to reunite.


We scan all pets for microchips and will attempt to contact you using the information provided by the microchip company registry. You must update your information directly with the microchip manufacturer in order for us to have access to your current contact info. Many microchip companies have additional resources for locating lost pets as well, so they should be one of your first calls. Finders usually take found pets to veterinary offices or shelters to be scanned.

Dog License

Your dog's license tag is an additional form of ID. If your dog comes in wearing a license tag, we will call you right away using the number in our system. We also have a license lookup feature that would provide a finder with your telephone number. Let us know if you think you might have a new phone number that we don't have yet. If your dog does end up visiting us at the shelter, dogs with a current license may receive a discount on their impound/intake fees.

Lost Pet Search Tips

We have an additional page devoted to Lost Pet Search Tips.

Don't Give Up

We have seen animals reunited after many days, weeks, months or years and across incredible distances. Don't give up! Your pet could eventually be brought to our shelter by a finder. You can read our If Your Pet is at Our Shelter page ahead of time so you will know what to do and what to expect if your pet does end up here at our shelter.