The first step in reuniting with your lost pet is to come to the shelter to see if we have your pet or if someone has called to report finding your pet. You can also go to our Lost and Found overview page to see pictures of the stray animals brought to our shelter.

If we don’t have your pet, here are other things to try:

Contact other area shelters.

Check out the DoveLewis Emergency Animal Hospital's website. Their lost and found section has a data base on lost pets that have been reported by the community, as well as listings of injured animals that good Samaritans have brought to their hospital.

Look in the newspaper at the classified ads. Check for "found pets" listings in the The Oregonian and in the paper in your community.

Check out  Look in both “Lost and Found” and “Pets” section, since people list animals in both places.

Talk with your neighbors. Cats, especially, tend to stay close to their homes. Ask your neighbors if they’ve seen your pet. Children are the most likely to have noticed an animal in the neighborhood.

Check with local veterinary clinics. Especially if an animal has been injured, a good Samaritan is likely to take the dog or cat to a clinic.

Make posters. Put on a photo of your lost pet and take the poster to local businesses, throughout your neighborhood, and our shelter.

More help is available. For an even more detailed guide on how to locate lost pets, including a great guide to finding lost cats, check out the Missing Pet Partnership web site.