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Lost Pet Search Tips

Contact Other Area Shelters

Pets don't realize where the County lines are, and often finders don't either. Your pet could be farther away than you expect, so check out our list of other area shelters.

Contact Veterinary Clinics

DoveLewis Emergency Animal Hospital has a lost and found section. They list injured animals that finders have brought to their hospital and offer additional resources as well. Also contact other veterinary clinics in your area. Even if your pet isn't injured, a finder may take them to a clinic to be scanned for a microchip.

Talk to Your Neighbors

Notify your neighbors that your pet is missing. Ask them to check their garage, yard, shed, under their porch, etc. Cats especially tend to stay close to their homes. Kids in your neighborhood may be just as observant (or more) than adults when it comes to animals, so ask them too.

Use Social Media

Lost and found Facebook groups, Craigslist, NextDoor and any other networks to which you belong may be helpful in getting the word out about your missing pet. Active Facebook groups in our community include Lost/Found Pets - Washington County and Hillsboro Oregon Lost/Found Pets, among others. These groups are not affiliated with our shelter, but have been extremely successful in helping citizens be reunited with their pets.

Make Posters

Brightly colored posters and flyers with your pet's photo on them can be very useful. Don't forget to put a large sign in your own front yard or in the location where the pet went missing.

Check the Newspaper

It might seem old fashioned, but did you know that by law, finders who do not bring the animal to the shelter are supposed to publish a notice in the paper? You can view classifieds online for both the Oregonian and the Pamplin Media Group. You can read the full ordinance with the legal requirement here.

Additional Help

There are many organizations with additional guides on lost pets including PawBoost, Finding Rover, Missing Animal Response Network and more. Unfortunately, there are many scams designed to take advantage of desperate pet owners as well, so use caution.