We have the mission of helping all stray cats and dogs in Washington County. Because those animals generally keep our shelter full, we usually cannot accept animals that owners want to find a new home for. You can find links to organizations that may accept owner-surrendered animals below.

Please do not simply abandon your unwanted animals. It is against the law, and it puts the animal at risk for injury or death.

Because we are usually at or near capacity with stray animals, we usually cannot accept owner-surrendered animals. If we cannot take your animal, we will recommend other shelters that may be able to take your animal and find it a home. We have a list of groups that may accept dogs for adoption and a list of groups that may accept cats for adoption.

You can find additional rehoming options, as well as links to services that may help you keep and care for your pet on the ASAP Coalition Resource Page.

Please be sure to contact each organization in advance to see if they are able to help you before going to their facility.