Bringing an animal to the shelter

Lost and stray pets  

We are here to help stray pets find their way back home.  

Bringing a dog to the shelter  

No appointment is needed to bring a stray dog to the shelter, and there is no fee for doing so. We encourage you to call us at 503-846-7039 prior to bringing a dog to us. We might have information that will help reunite the dog with its owner without making a trip to the shelter. 

Bringing a cat/kitten(s) to the shelter  

If you find a kitten, litter of kittens with a mom cat, or an adult cat that is sick, injured, or in immediate danger due to cruelty circumstances, please call us at 503-846-7039. 

Intake of cats is by appointment only, and there is a $15 fee per cat. Space is limited and a scheduled intake appointment is required. Please call 503-846-7039 to schedule. 

Washington County Animal Services offers very limited intake of healthy adult stray and community cats. 

Why we limit our intake of healthy stray cats 

Our limited physical space is only part of the reason we encourage you to carefully consider whether a cat should be brought to the shelter.  

New findings from the National Animal Care & Control Association show that intaking healthy adult cats into animal shelters is not the best way to help the cats, their owners or the neighborhoods where they live.

If a cat looks healthy, well-fed and uninjured, it’s best to leave them where they are or take them back to where you found them. They may be someone’s outdoor pet, or part of a feral or community cat colony that is being cared for by a dedicated community member. 

While we believe the safest place for a cat is indoors, there are no requirements in Washington County related to keeping cats indoors or confined to the owner’s property/yard.   
Taking a healthy outdoor cat to a shelter may separate them from their owner or caretaker. Cats have a better chance of returning home to their people if we leave them where they are. 

Many cats in our community have owners who allow them to roam free. If you are concerned about a cat in your neighborhood, take steps to determine if it has an owner. Talking with your neighbors and asking them if they know the cat is a good first step. Visit the lost and found information section of our website for additional guidance on finding owners of animals. 

How to help stray cats in your neighborhood 

If the cat is visibly sick or injured and you cannot find the owner, please call us at 503-846-7039. 

If there is an unowned feral cat in your neighborhood and you are willing to act as the caretaker for the animal, you can contact the Feral Cat Coalition of Oregon regarding getting the cat spayed/neutered or for other advice about caring for a feral cat. Please do not contact the Feral Cat Coalition about removing, relocating or rehoming cats. 

Owner-surrenders and animal rehoming   

We are unable to take in animals that owners cannot keep and need to find a new home for.   

If you own an animal and need to find a new home for it, visit our pet rehoming page  for advice and resources.   

Do not abandon your pet. It is against the law. You could be cited for animal abandonment, and it puts the animal at risk for injury or death.  Contact us to discuss resources available to help both you and your pet.  

For more information about what to do if you find a pet, please see our  lost and found page.