For more information about out adoption program, visit our Adoption overview page.

Dogs $175
Puppies (7 Months or Younger) $250
Cats (Over 1 Year Old) $75
Kittens $150


(Dog license fees are not included on this table. For more information on dog licenses, visit our Licensing overview page.)

Lost and Stray Admissions

For more information about our admissions policies, visit our Admissions page.

Lost/Stray Cats (to help offset some of the costs of intake and care) $10
Lost/Stray Dogs (costs are offset in part by dog licensing fees) $0


Owner Surrenders

For more information about our admissions policies, visit our Admissions page.

Dogs            $93             Includes admission fee of $45 and 2 days of boarding at $24 per day
Cats $88 Includes admission fee of $45, FeLV/FIV test at $5, and 2 days of boarding at $19 per day



Impounded Pet Redemptions

For more information about what happens if your pet comes to the shelter, visit our Lost Pet Page.

Dog - With Valid License - 1st Impound $10
Dog - Unlicensed - 1st Impound $65
Dog - 2nd Impound (within 12 months) $125   
Dog - 3rd Impound (within 12 months) $190
Dog Boarding Fee Per Day $24
Cat - 1st Impound $22
Cat - 2nd Impound (within 12 months) $50
Cat - 3rd Impound (within 12 months) $75
Cat Boarding Fee Per Day $19
Exotics - Impound $54
Exotic Boarding Fee Per Day (may have additional fees to cover specialized food costs) $19


Quarantine and Observation Boarding

Dog (per day)$24
Cat (per day)$19


Livestock Care

These services are provided when pre-approved only

Livestock care per day (staff)$27
Plus materialsCost
Livestock care per day (when contracted)Cost


Euthanasia and Disposal

Washington County no longer provides routine owner-requested euthanasia services, but for public safety reasons may occasionally provide euthanasia services in pre-approved cases.

Euthanasia Only$35
Euthanasia with Communal Disposal 
0-20 lbs.$60
21-40 lbs.$85
41-70 lbs.$110
71-100 lbs.$132
101-150 lbs.$150
150+ lbs.$180
Communal Disposal Only 
0-20 lbs. $28
21-40 lbs. $52
41-70 lbs. $75
71-100 lbs. $100
101-150 lbs.$120
150+ lbs. $150


Service Calls and Pick Ups

1 worker & 1 vehicle$60
2 worker & 1 vehicle$105
2 worker & 2 vehicles$120
Field officer hourly rate (no vehicle)$41