Our community is critical to our fundraising efforts! Unlike many animal shelters and other charitable organizations, we do not have staff dedicated to fundraising. Fortunately, we are very lucky to have a community of supporters who run a variety of fundraisers for the benefit of the animals. If you or your company, organization or student group looking for a way to help lost and homeless animals in Washington County, please consider creating a fundraiser for the Bonnie Hays Animal Shelter.


Here are some basics steps to creating an awesome fundraiser:


  1. Decide how you want to raise money. Choose something that sounds fun, or that you know that you do well, because you will be spending some time doing it. You can always just ask people for donations, but you could also sell something, provide a service, or offer to give a portion of sales. If you need ideas, check out the examples of past fundraisers below.


  1. Plan how you will advertise. Social media posts? Posters? Phone calls? Emails? Announcements? The more people who know about your fundraiser, the more potential donors you have.


  1. Promote your fundraiser to your organization and networks – friends, family, school, work, clubs, social media contacts, etc. Make sure to give people all of the details including how to donate, who will benefit (Bonnie Hays Animal Shelter) and any other information you’d like to include to help people donate easily and feel good about it.


  1. Stay positive. Don't give up if your collection starts off slowly. Be persistent and tell everyone you know their help is wanted and needed. Your success and dedication will be an inspiration to others!


  1. Get photos of your event or people in action. You can share these with us and use them as part of a social media post, media release or article to get the word out about how you helped the animals. We sometimes use photos like this to thank fundraisers on our Facebook page or in our newsletter.


  1. Deliver the funds. If you’d like a photo with staff, schedule a time to bring in your donation, otherwise you can mail it or stop by anytime. We love to thank our fundraisers, so please provide your name and contact information so that we can mail a letter with our Tax ID number for your records.


  1. Thank everyone who participated and donated! Make sure to share the success of the fundraiser back with those who supported it and let them know how much their contribution is appreciates. You can thank people in person, on social media, by email, or with a hand written note.


Click here for a printable handout version of this fundraising guide.


Here are some examples of fundraisers that people have done over the years. Notice how varied and creative they are. Kids can absolutely participate (with parental support) and organizations can raise money while doing what they do best and sharing their support of animals in need with their clients and customers.




North Plains Elementary School Raised Money for the Animal Shelter
Girl Scout Troupe Donates Cookie Money to Animal Shelter
This young lady created art which she then sold to raise money for the animal shelter
Frontier Vet Clinic Held a Pictures With Santa Fundraiser
A group of businesses made a calendar of dogs and sold it to raise money for the shelter
Century High School Donated Proceeds from their Production of Annie to the Shelter
Buxton Woods Disc Golf Held a Tournament to Benefit the Animals
Students from Forest Grove Community Based Activity Group Had a Car Wash and Lemonade Stand to benefit the Animal Shelter
Bag and Baggage Theatre Donated Proceeds from a Play to the Animal Shelter