Washington County community members have been very generous to the pets temporarily staying at the Bonnie Hays Animal Shelter! Along with the wonderful financial donations, our animals have also received many donated items from our Wish List.

However you choose to give to the animals, know that it is appreciated and that it truly makes a difference!   

While some donations are used to pay for shelter operations, we also use donations to provide additional mental and physical enrichment for the pets temporarily staying with us, as well as specialized medical care for animals in our custody, some of which have been neglected or abused. 

You may bring your tax-deductible gift to our shelter or mail your cash contribution with this easy donation form Simply print the donation form and mail it with your gift to help the animals. Our Tax ID number is 93-6002316.

It makes an enormous difference in the lives of the animals when people share so generously. The more that people help us, the more we can help the animals.

Your gifts will help:

  • Provide specialized care to pets staying at the shelter
  • Reunite lost pets with their owners
  • Rescue stray and injured animals
  • Investigate animal neglect and abuse
  • Investigate dog bites and apprehend dangerous dogs
  • Provide outreach to the community
  • And much more!

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