Wish List

Thank you for your thoughtfulness and generosity. We want you to spend your donation money wisely on items that we need and use daily. In cases where we ask for specific brands or types of things, it is because those are the things that work best for our shelter. If you are not able to provide these specific items, financial donations are always appreciated instead and go directly to animal care.

  • Cat paper pellet litter (unscented). This is the only type of litter that we are able to use here at our shelter. Here are some examples of the kinds that we can use: Yesterday's News Cat Litter, Okocat Natural Paper Cat Litter, Fresh News Cat Litter, So Phresh Paper Pellet Cat Litter.
  • Rolls of paper towels.
  • Gift cards. We often have animals with special needs who we need to purchase food and supply items for.
  • Kong toys for dogs. We use all sizes, but especially large and extra large black Kongs. 
  • Purell hand sanitizer.
  • Kuranda beds for cats. We currently have plenty of dog Kuranda beds, but definitely need more kitty beds. The Kuranda brand ones are very sturdy and easy to sanitize. You can donate Kuranda beds at a discount and have them shipped directly to the shelter from their website.
  • Cat toys (no catnip please). For our cats, the best toys are those that do not contain catnip and can easily be sanitized. Ping pong balls and plastic balls that rattle or jingle are great.

Note: Items not on this list may be things that we cannot safely use in our shelter. Please call if you have specific items or ideas for a donation. Some donations may be sold in our store, passed on to other organizations in need, or used as prizes for our fundraising events.

Used Items: We can generally always accept very gently used (or new) dog and cat cages/carriers, both wire and airline style. Unfortunately, most other used items are not things that we can use, including open bags of food, litter boxes, bedding and pillows. When we receive these items, we try to pass them on to other organizations, but that takes staff time and resources away from the animals and the services we provide.

Did you know that Bonnie Hays Animal Shelter has an Amazon Wish List? You can order items and have them sent directly to us at: http://amzn.com/w/3O962O1PIYLWZ

One of the best ways to help the animals at the Bonnie Hays Animal Shelter is to make a financial contribution to the shelter. 100% of your donation goes directly to animal care. Your donation qualifies as a charitable contribution for tax purposes.

We are not able to accept donations of unused pet medications. If you have these items, we thank you so much for thinking of the animals at the shelter, but suggest that you visit the Washington County Department of Health and Human Services page on Medication, Needles and Other Medical Waste for tips on appropriate and safe disposal.