Animal Rescue Entity Licensing


Animal Rescue Entities are defined as follows (Oregon Revised Statutes section 609.415):

“Animal rescue entity” means an individual or organization, including but not limited to an animal control agency, humane society, animal shelter, animal sanctuary or boarding kennel not subject to ORS 167.374, but excluding a veterinary facility, that keeps, houses and maintains in its legal custody 10 or more animals, whether physically located at a facility operated by the entity or kept, housed or maintained elsewhere, and that solicits or accepts donations in any form.



In 2013, Oregon Senate Bill 6 -- the Animal Omnibus Bill -- was approved by the state legislature and signed into law. The law includes a requirement for Animal Rescue Entities to be licensed and to follow specific record-keeping requirements.  Since that law went in to effect, Washington County has been updating its own codes to address this and many other aspects of the Animal Services Code that regulate animal issues in Washington County.  We are now implementing the requirements of both State and County regulations as they pertain to an Animal Rescue Entity. 



Washington County Animal Services is authorized to enforce this law, inspect records and premises, and issue licenses to Animal Rescue Entities operating, in whole or in part, in Washington County (Animal Services Code sections 6.04.135 and 6.04.175).



To obtain the required license, the rescue entity must pay an annual $118 fee and demonstrate compliance with applicable state and local laws in addition to the following record-keeping requirements:


Maintain a record for each animal that identifies:

(A) The date of birth for the animal or, if the date of birth is unknown, the approximate age of the animal;

(B) The date the animal rescue entity acquired possession, control or charge of the animal and the source of the animal;

(C) The number of offspring the animal produced while in the possession or control of the animal rescue entity, if applicable;

(D) The disposition the animal rescue entity makes of each animal possessed by, controlled by or in the charge of the animal rescue entity, including the date of disposition, manner of disposition and the name and address for any individual or organization taking possession, control or charge of an animal;

(E) The source of the animal, date of acquisition, age, sex, breed type and weight of the animal at intake; and

(F) A photograph of the animal taken within 24 hours of intake by the animal rescue entity.



Please click here for the Animal Rescue Entity License Application.  



If you have any questions or are not sure whether your organization falls under the definition of an Animal Rescue Entity, please email us at: