Veterinary Care

Veterinary Care Basics

One of the most important things you can do for your pet is to provide him or her with regular veterinary care. Not only is it best to see a veterinarian when your pet is sick, but also when your pet is healthy to prevent sickness.

How often you should see your vet will depend on your vet’s recommendations. Dogs and cats age faster than humans do, and as your pet gets older, he or she may need more trips to the vet to identify potential health problems.

In addition to regular exams, you should also follow your vet-recommended pet vaccination schedule. Common diseases like upper respiratory infection or distemper can be prevented by a simple vaccine.


If your pet doesn't already have a microchip (the best way to help your pet get home to you if they are ever lost, stolen or separated from you in a disaster), your veterinarian can assist you with that.

Locate a Veterinarian

We maintain this list of veterinarians in Washington County for your use.

The Portland Veterinary Medical Association also has a directory of veterinarians in the greater Portland Metro area including mobile veterinary services, emergency veterinary services and a variety of specialties.   

To locate veterinarians throughout Oregon, the Oregon Veterinary Medical Association website allows you to search by city.